Photo Qualia

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Thank you for downloading "Photo Qualia"

Is there a charge after purchasing the application?

No extra cost. All features are available.

Can I reinstall?

You can reinstall from "AppStore" any number of times. No additional fee will be incurred.

Application ends abnormally

Memory may be insufficient. Please close other applications.

Shutter sound does not turn off

It may be due to insufficient memory or model. Please use silent mode.

I want to adjust the density of the filter

Tap the filter you want to adjust, the adjustment bar will be displayed.

You can adjust by moving the bar left and right.

I don't know how to use blur

"Round blur" and "square blur" can be resized by pinching gesturees.

"Paint blur" will be effective outside the range selected with the pen.

Retouching can not be used well

Those with large color difference and wide range are not suitable because they are easy to blur.
It is suitable for small dust and face dirt.
If you can not, apply the blurring function from above. It becomes natural.

"Photo Qualia" will continue to positively perform new functions and updates in the future. Please contact us if you have any questions.



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